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Thanks for the comment Ed. Sorry I can't add anything about Messrs. Siegel and Cohen supposedly hiding out at the Tudor Arms Apartments in Portland, OR other than what's already part of the public lore. I don't know anything about the old Tap A Keg bars from the 1970s and 1980s on Columbus Avenue.

HI...former NY'r now living in Portland Oregon...wondering of you have any knowledge of Bugsy S. and Mickey C. hiding out in Portland after being indicted in LA/1946?

BTW: re the mob/gay bar thing...two bars on Columbus Ave 1970's /80's ...Tap a Keg West ...on the west side of Columbus was a straight bar...Tap A Keg East - on the east side was agay bar. Both run by a cpl of Italian brothers - names escape me at the moment...But I understood at the time they ran a few other bars downtown as well. Grt time to be on the upper westide people moved seamlessly back and forth between the bars - never a bit of trouble-even the bartenders worked both sides. Good times.

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