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Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno was the last true Mafia boss in Springfield. The fact that Genovese acting boss Arthur Nigro would enlist the help of low-level street thugs (who some were not even Italian) to take out a legend like Big Al shows how far the American Mafia has fallen. This is not the first time a true old-time Mafia legend was whacked by a new generation of degenerate, wannabe mobsters. Its no wonder you have old-school mobsters turning informant, because they see how bad things are today. The only way the Mafia would rise again in cities like Springfield would be for real Italians in the form of mobsters from the old country to step in and eliminate these half-breed, no-good wannabe thugs. This is why street cirme is so high with black and Hispanic street gangs running around killing and raping for no reason. The Mafia kept these people in line.

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