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Tch. Wanna Die?

" By the way, HRC will embarrass Drump as the biggest loser of the century.. Like you, he is nothing but hate, lies and an extremely low intellectual capacity."

you mind coming back and reporting to everybody what crow tastes like?

Why don't you call you site "GAY Friends of Ours?" It is obvious that you are nothing, but a self-loathing closet faggot. By the way, HRC will embarrass Drump as the biggest loser of the century.. Like you, he is nothing but hate, lies and an extremely low intellectual capacity. Tell him j said hi next time you felate him. Congratulation. Your new nickname will be "BLOWJOB."

The STONEWALL Rebellion Veterans' Association (SVA), founded in the Gay hot Summer of 1969, is composed of the surviving patrons of the NYCPD raids on The STONEWALL Inn and the participants in any of the 5-night Stonewall Rebellion starting with Friday, June 27th, 1969!

The new "STONEWALL!" movie, directed by Roland Emmerich, is our On-Demand and on DVD. Mr. Emmerich personally interviewed actual Stonewall veterans for accurate 411.

Currently, the S.V.A. is co-sponsoring the federal project to make The STONEWALL Inn a national landmark -- the first such GLBT designation in America!

For more 411 about the S.V.A., visit the popular website:

Interesting book. Are you writing any other books about Mafia or mabe turning it into fictional based on true stories? How do you get this information if you aren't involved somehow? This is one of the first books I have seen

Congress gave Port Authority of NY NJ its power but no one is watching this dysfunctional agency ??? The Port Authority of receives federal funding grants for DOT 49 CFR part 40 for testing, training and grants for PANYNJ . The PA are not in compliance with DOT and FTA drug and alcohol testing (49 CFR Part 40 and part 655) is a continued receipt of federal funds under Sections 5307, 5309, or 5311 but still receive MILLIONS? Annual compliance is required! Education and training program for all covered employees, for supervisors/company officials. WHY does the PA not in compliance but still receive federal funding? WHY??? Wouldn't the BILLIONS be better spent on GATEWAY TUNNELS or rail roads improvement. All federal agencies have turned a blind eye. Christie and Cuomo both said " they have no control over the PA" unless it's to place a childhood friend in a six figure job. The PA needs federal monitoring...... We have a court case involving DOT, lack of due process, MRO, DER , it's an excellent read! The PA' s federal funding should be taken away!! BILLIONS that can go towards MTA or NYNJ taxpayers? Love to send case? 300 MILLION.
Thank you for your time

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Interesting article about Thomas Milo sr. He was my grandfather, I always knew he had a colorful past.if find anything else i'd be very interested to hear about it. Thanks Patrick Milo ny.

I am not sure where you get this information from as Thomas Milo was my grandfather. Where is the evidence that he was known by these "other" names? Or is that just people who have not pronounced his name correctly? All this made up mafia connections are just hearsay. Show me some valid articles that show he was a member of organized crime. Boy people love to build a fantasy connection to people they want to connect to when they know absolutely zero about the man himself.

where due you get the info on tullio perrone who is the informant ? doe it ever come out who he is ??

Where did you get all of your information from?

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