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Guess I gotta read the book again. in the movie, Vinnie and tudie kill Tommy.

I know where Tommy DeSimone is buried. The persons basement where the body is was an associate of the Gambino family. This associate is now dead from natural causes. He sold the property 2 years before his death but the body is still in the basement. I know this because I was friends with the associates brother and the brother showed me the burial area in his basement.



If true
1. Why did hill never mention this before?

2. How did Hill know who shot DeSimone unless he was there?


Bunch of bull ,different family.thats one of the reasons they hated Paul .he let the genoveses kill one of there's in conn.other families are not at ceremonies to be made.thats just using the gotti name to sell a book,

Yeah, we know. He did it because billy bats was his friend, and gotti found out because karen hill was sleeping with paul vario while henry was in jail. She rejected tommy's advances, so he slapped her and she told paul, then paul told gotti about the hit on bats and that led to him being killed. This was all covered 30 years ago in wiseguy.

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