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Chris Calhoune, with all due respect, what did Jerry teach you? You lookin to join the life of wise guys?

I was one piece of birthday cake away from being a made man. I'm joking. I came into lorenzos in Dania one night, and mike scotto the owner said Jerry wanted to give me a piece of birthday cake but I wasn't there. he was joking. I didn't talk to Jerry. I didn't look in his direction. the final year I saw him in lorenzos, he had the fat chiropracter at his table. some chiropracter that sounded like dom deluise. After mike closed lorenzos, chilli actually went to grampas diner one night.

Jerry thanks for everything


30-48 74 STREET
3 FL

jerry you will be missed thank you for all the good times

Jerry thanks for all the opportunity's you given me and all your support you will be missed

R.I.P JERRY ~ Spent a lot of time with Jerry in FLA, a lot of laughs, Thunderbird, Sahara, he was one of a kind and will be missed !

good times, good food and lots of laughs and a great friend. You will be truly missed. So sad.




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