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Those pills are death, pain, and misery in a bottle!!!! All these youngsters have become Heroin addicts as a direct result of Oxycodone!! Nevermind any of that "Gateway Drug" theory about Marijuana etc... Prescription Opiate Pain Killers literally create drug addicts out of otherwise normal folks. A lot of people get overprescribed these medications without much warning or education about the drugs. They have no idea that even when taken as directed by the doctor, over a period of time they will become physically dependent on the Opiates and at that point its too late!!! It's an epidemic all over the USA but Florida is especially bad because of the Pill Mills which until recently were not well regulated!!!! Drug dealers from all over the country would make runs down there just to stock up on their supply and then return home to sell the pills for about a dollar per milligram. You do the math and the profit is enormous!!! Many lives ruined by these pills. They are a special animal all together. Unique from other drugs in many ways!

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