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Gotta love these guys being solid and standup until.....well we know the rest of the story

When did it be OK to give a murderer a TV show. Richie Cantarella killed people ruined lives, his son kidnapped people and did home invasions. Come on Oxygen and Bravo you have stepped over the line of really even poor TV. Where are your moral ethics? I would love to see how each of you would react if your family had any dealing with this sick group of people. I had to laugh when someone told me what a clean freak his wife with her home, all the cleaning will never wash the blood from their hands.
Man up and pull the show.

Saw the show and its stupid why would you want to watch a person who rat and turned his face on his family that put food in his mouth and money in his pocket

Well . Now this confirm's Its over. This is a street guy..Like Gotti jr sold out his dad & Lttle breeze Frank Calibrese did the same. Kids stay in school. Nothing left but a den of rats. No honor .No loyalty left. Guys Giving up thier dads?? Yes there own dad.Own blood. T.V shows for a guy who sent a boss Away.

Bonanos Godfather flips. Gotti jr ,302 Flips.Masino 302 Flips .And Ralph Natale . All no good rats ..This Guy has No soul..yes..Canteralla left with millions like Gotti jr and Masino .Deals with the devils.All scum No Honor.Rats! Gotti grandson dealing junk out of the don's old house..Nice huh..Low lfe's .Its all unreal .

The life is over as we know it. The zips are holding it together ..10 times stronger then the reg east coast Guys..I had to clear the air..The crews in italy & Montreal eat the east coast wiseguys to death. Thats Why they run everything now. After a long stint in the can..To come out to this..kids stay away! God bless

Here this rat is trying to still play the role of a mobster on television. You're not a tough guy you gave it up when you decided to fucking snitch, Rat Head.

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