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The ordinary job is called a front genius. Even the biggest bosses in Chicago from Accardo to Ricca and Aiuppa had regulsr guy jobs that were fronts for their trie, illicit income. The smartest ones held jobs and or owned legitimate businesses that made decent to large legal incomes so they could live a good lifestyle and do their taxes. Only the idiots took in large illicit incomes and then spent and flaunted the money lavishly. If Rudy Fratto is a capo or faction boss of one of the Chicago Outfit territories he is wealthy and flush with cash. You dont become a capo or higher in one of the last of powrrful, remaining American mafia crime families without experience, having climb the ladder, put in your time and done alot of WORK. Capos are capos because they are feared and have burief a cemetary worth of rivals for the family and himself.

A mob boss working an ordinary job? I can see a lower ranking member but a boss? What a joke.

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