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Get your facts straight. The Laudani Clan are an independent mafia clan based in the Sicilian province of Catania. The Laudani clan has been at war with the Santapaola-Ercolano-Ferrara clan if Cosa Nostra for decades. The province of Catania has the most independent mafia clans out of all the other provinces. Clans such as the Laudani, Pulvirenti, Cappello-Pillera, Scuito-Tigna, Mazzei and Arena are all independent mafia clans that have either been at war with the traditional and recognized Cosa Nostra clans from Catania ir at times aligned with them, but they are not recognized as part of Cosa Nostra by the rest of the Italian mafia groups,same as the Stidda in Sicily. At times these independent clans work with Cosa Nostra if it is in their best interests such as making money or aligning with Cosa Nostra to oppose one or more of the other rival independent clans such as the Pulvirenti clan has done in recent years and rumor has it that boss Guiseppe Pulvirenti has officially become a made man in Cosa Nostra under the Satapaola faction,leaders of the Catania Cosa Nostra. The more powerful, connected and wealthy of the independent Catania clans such as the Laudani and Cappello, who opetate outside Catania and have satellite groups in other countrirs have been moving into the north of Italy over roughly the past 15 years establishing drug and gambling operations and legitimate businesses which the Cosa Nostra have done, along with the Neapolitans and Calabrians since the 1970s. Get your facts straight.

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