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Sonny's Kid from the Columbo family. went bad. Did a 302 Little Frank breeze From Chicago did a 302 on His dad and the entire Chicago crew. Now Gotti Jr does a 302 on his dad and made guys and cops. So this is not a first time thing. What now takes me back is this movie made with Travolta who is gay as They come.I mean This guy's dad was a real tough gangster that did his work. But died like a man.Viewed In that world anyway. It really is amazing how things have changed in that world. I guess that's why the Zips took over. How these Guys talk about their dad's and friends they grew with is really amazing.I'm a Mob fan.Just A regular guy. Now watch Gamorroa and in today's mafia, it's a snake pit of dog eat dog. The last season of Gamorra he betrayed his own dad for greed power and money.Chicago -Outfit as well. They go after wives and guy's rackets as soon as they get in trouble or go to jail.Back in the day as they Say.You'd get killed for any of that. Today no big deal. Today's new mob.Greed. Loyalty? Not much of That.This movie.All for money.Travolta? What a choice.Imagine the mob guys.Must hate it..Gay Travolta? It's really laughable.I could only listen to the trailer 10 seconds then had enough of that.Armand Assante Killed it in Gotti the movie.Money and greed the rude to all evils as the saying goes.Can't even trust yr son!

Wow. This is a disgrace in our world. Gotti jr Rats. Robs the family. Does 302 informant debriefing. Then Sells Out for more money using the gayest actor in Hollywood to play his father.What a disgrace.Gene is Coming Home. This guy who just did a thousand years in the can without a peep.He must be beside Himself. Travolta Sounds like he has a fkn sore throat.Imagine Gotti one of the toughest gangster Portrayed by a gay man!! In The normal world no big deal.Now in the mob world. Well, Gotti jr wrecked Their name and is disgraced. This Guy John jr has been greedy for money. What he has comes from Robbing the family. He was shelved and almost clipped for the 302.Rats out Danny Marino and Watts. And A lot more! This guy must have a death wish or just be a greedy fool. The list behind the wall shows how Stupid this guy was.He has been laughed at for years .Dumbfella headlines.Still he never learned.Detroit Hates him in a bad way.
The Guy can't stay out of the limelight and be happy to be alive and rich.The bad trait about the Gotti Family.They Have to be in the limelight I guess at all costs. On the street, this guy is so hated.Trust me this Is far from over. This guy is disgracing his family name and i feel for his kids, They live with this forever.The Money the rude of it. Greedy no honor .No respect.All money. Pissed on his family name. Then robbed Everyone..This jerkoff movie done in such poor taste and quality is a disgrace.I feel for his children.Rat!

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