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I gotta say that's just an all around unusual article. I guess its humorous that Fratto uses the story of two bimbos from middle America liking Tom Cruise. Without any further detail( not that I want the details) that story is submitted as proof that Cruise is not gay. Gay or not gay, Cruise is completely nuts on account of being the number one Fanboy for Scientology. Since we're on here gossiping like bored housewives I will say that my personal impression is that I wouldn't be surprised if Travolta was gay. Just seems plausible enough. At the end of the day their sexuality is the least interesting thing about them. The fact that they both belong to a Cult with a huge reputation for strange behavior and lots of quasi illegal tactics as well as violence and black mail to name a few. If Travolta is being blackmailed into towing the party line regarding his sexuality then thats fucked up. Cruise just seems totally insane about everything. I think he full on drinks the company coolaide of Scientology. True believer. They have real power. Took the IRS to court and won. Thats nearly impossible. Anyway if Fratto says old Tommy is straight then it must be so because The Outfit can't be wrong!!!! Lol

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