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I guess so. They have had nothing but chaos and one murder after another basically since the moment they locked Vito up. Seems like the moment Vito was extradited, the whole system just fell apart. I guess it had been brewing for some years probably but apparently Vito was the only guy who could keep all parties in line. I don’t mean to glorify Rizzuto but I’m just calling it the way I see it. Canada definitely has its own unique Criminal scene for sure. No shortage of stories to read about anyway.

In general I’m not a fanboy of the individual Mobsters because they tend to be murderers and lowlifes. That disclaimer aside, I will give credit where it is due. Vito Rizzuto had something unique as a boss. Definitely he had lots if help and was groomed well by his father but it was Vito that took the helm and earned his own reputation. There is not another Gangster in Canada or the USA that I’m aware that comes even close to his overall capabilities. Maybe Tony Accardo would be on that level as well but thats it. Rizzuto definitely had a unique gift if you wanna call it that for bringing all sides together and keeping the machine well oiled and running. Canada has a fairly diverse Criminal Underworld as well. Having distinctions between Mafia, Ndraghetta, LCN from US, street gangs, Irish Mob, Bikers etc... even Asian gangs to some extent. No one else had anywhere near that kind if success at running that ship. He even looked like a classic Mobster from the movies. A simple observation of how fucked up the criminal landscape up there is now should be a testament to his management skills. I at least respect his talent for his job function. No denying that he had things sewn up. I also kinda like that he went on an old school revenge campaign upon his release. Business and money meant nothing at that point. He had traitors to kill. He went out hard with the little time left that he had. Good Times !!!!

Sounds organized to me. I guess they'd rather have rampant and random violence everywhere.

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