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She lived in Little Italy Baltimore, so the peeps she portends to protect, please look into their backgrounds, before the government has able bodied people working.(God forbid)... You will have to DVR, Jerry, Maury etc., sorry, half of US have been doing that with our favorite shows, while we bust for some to stay home and vegetate...in hospital, we usually advise to unplug. Should unproductive citizens be unplugged?, beloved instigatotor. inciter to get our kids into trouble for his masses, mostly white...get a clue...you know who I mean...Obama. He makes me embarresed to be 1/2 and 1/2.. Ask Nan what they did to the kids from projects, lest their beloved homes, restaurants be under seige by "what did Daddy call them Nan, and you, yet spoiled brat that you were and are...now after all that education...Maxi is your gray matter equal....You just can't make this insanity up, now. If you would share, where you got your facelift et al, I won't speak another word of B-more, please before your last breath or in the case of connections, and I do not mean Italians, my last breaths....that is a banging face lift...give a sista a step up...otherwise, prove, your record, show, your taxes, like all of you...where does all our hard earned money go? (Sorry didn't get your education with the grammar. mAXI, OK, THEN i SHould be ok. Thanks, for all the works, that turned all of you into bilionaiares...enjoy, as your extentions, burn in flames...not sure babies without rights, go to purgatory

One has to wonder why Pelosi hasn't been investigated for criminal acceptance of bribes and favoritism in politics after all the Pelosi family net worth far exceeds what it should be from the family's income from all these years. And that's what politicians do, curry favor to those that enrich them. Is Washington totally in the tank????

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