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6 brothers Sonny is the youngest, Cosmo , Danny , Paul , and he had his own Mob in Mill Basin Brooklyn . We thought that he would have taken over but jealousy was one of the major factors, when one guy has all the money ! Paul Castellano was greedy and it got him whacked in front of Sparks by a crew of Yugo's and the Shooters names are ............. it was not Italian Shooters a German was back up only, but the Yugo lit Tomas Billotti up .
No meeting at Sparks every thing changes The Genovese are putting hits on John Gotti for Whacking a Boss.
Jimmy Ida is pissed off. Breaking Mafia rules.

The Doc good ol friend of Mr Stan my father.

He was a gentleman an proud Italian Elder Statesman he was always very kind to my father Mr .Stan Jewler from Diamond District and he was good friends with Carmine Lombardozzi and we the entire family ,his 6 son's ,
Cosmo was the closest and Gus ,Paulie , was close with other Serbian American businessman Bosko Radonjic ,was the Head of the Westies ,had close ties with "The Doctor of King of Wall Street "!

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