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Harry Fontana was one of the few members of the Mafia that was in it from the start here in America and managed to avoid any major prison time and managed to not get killed while getting rich ,he was far more ambitious then his brothers who never came close to the wealtb be accumulated over the years .He retired as a Captain iin the 70 s being an adviser to the family he also got involved with the Florida boss Santo Trafficanti who he knew for a long time ,and he was fortunate enough to die of natural causes in his bed , a rare thing in the Mafia ,he could have taken over the Columbo family After Profaci but was smart enough to know the Job comes with a price .

Harry Fontana was the Capo before Columbo took over When Profaci was boss .Harry Fontana ran the Red Hook South Brooklyn area for the family . One of his crew members and him are said to have killed a Gallo soldier named Joe Mag in broad daylight on 4 th Ave Brooklyn in the late 60's or early 70's he is one of the rare Mobsters who retired to Florida and died of natural causes in 1979. He was one of 3 brothers who part of the Mob from the early days . He also had a cousin who was a major bookmaker with the Gambino Family . Sources say there's a relative of his who 's in Organized Crime in present time .

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