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Maurey Lerner played third base for the Boise Braves in 1957. He did, that is , through spring training in Ontario CA and the first 40 - 50 games of the season, At this point I was released from the Boise team until the last few games of the season. I again was a middle infielder and Maury was playing third.
The fact that he had just gotten out of the Marine Corp impressed me, being an 18 year old kid who was playing semi-pro ball in San Francisco until I signed a $250.00 mo contract . (I was still !7 and my parents had to sign for me.)
My memory of Maury was a quiet guy with a cannon for an arm and every ab seemed to be a line drive. He was a "quite" that you might wonder what he was thinking.
Although not much was positive in his life his time after prison he seemed to be a good guy.

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