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Dear Myass…. What evidence do you have that he committed these murders?

Dear Tatiana..... Did his sister say he killed his parents and what evidence do you have that he killed his parents? Were you her roommate at the time of the murders?

Dear Rockwallian… Do you have facts of his lying and stealing? So you have evidence of him being a psycho? I read the herald banner article, but I believe that some of those things were proven to be untrue. Actually there was no cat and kittens killed. Actually those things were all made up. Actually if you look at the actual indictment, most of those things seem to be made up by some high school enemies. Do you know who they are? Maybe someone should ask them why they made it up? As for the shower, again do you have evidence that the killer took a shower? The report I read said there was no blood or DNA evidence in the shower.

I was in school with him since kindergarten and we hung out in the same 'group' in highschool. He has always been a compulsive liar and a thief. There's too many blind people focusing on this homophobic b.s., but they really don't know how much of a psycho he was. This will give you a taste:
This sick fuck killed his parents and was comfortable enough to hang around and shower. Did you also see the part about the cat and kittens? W.T.F.

His sister was my roommate in college. He killed his parents. Bottom line.

He killed his parents. Get over it, HETEROPHOBIC fag.

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